Group Training

If you’re looking to train with a group of friends or a team then this is the option for you.

There are lots of benefits of training with a group including:

* Increased motivation and support – training with people alongside you can give you that boost you need to keep moving… Nobody likes to fall behind, right?

* Accountability – Nothing is worse than letting your friends down so you’ve always got that extra push to get you to your training

* Price – Hey, we understand, sometimes times are tuff and you want to keep the price down. Well, at less than the price of a mini football pitch an hour, this option is perfect to get your foot in the door.

* Fun – Even though our trainers are a blast, we know that having your best buds there with you through all the sweat is priceless.

So what’s included:

* A private class for just you and your friends that no one else can join at our top training facility in Limassol

* A large variety of classes that you and your friends can pick from weekly including but not limited to:

Circuit training, functional training, kickboxing, PC insanity, pilates, TRX, aerobics, calisthenics, foam rollers, yoga, step etc

* Nutritional advice and support from our awesome trainers

* On going support and activities – Once a Peak Conditioner, always a Peak Conditioner… you’ll be welcome to take part in our free sports gatherings, events, and you are always welcome to get in touch for any health advice

What to expect

A fun filled energetic session with top trainers and all your friends around you to enjoy it with….what else could someone want?

All we ask is that you turn up to your class on time and that you let us know what class you want 3 days in advance.